Author Robert Coulam

Dr. Coulam has been an academic and researcher for 30 years with extensive experience devising and managing long-term research and evaluation projects on Medicare and Medicaid policy issues. He has been active in research efforts supporting recent federal initiatives to reform the Medicare program. Dr. Coulam's work has been published in Health Services Research, Health Affairs, Health Care Financing Review, Hospital Topics, Inquiry, and other health services research journals. Prior to his current position at Simmons, Dr. Coulam spent 16 years at Abt Associates, working as project director, principal investigator, and senior researcher specializing in the conception, management, and synthesis of large-scale research and technical assistance projects in areas of Medicare and Medicaid policy. At Simmons, his primary responsibilities in the program are to teach courses in health policy, health law and economics, and to enhance the program's research and outside funding activities. Read More

November, 1955