Consulting For
Federal Healthcare Contractors

Working With PHA

PHA provides your organization with the resources and knowledge it needs to become a successful federal contractor. Our team of experts has experience in virtually all phases of the procurement lifecycle. Having served as consultants to federal agencies seeking to buy services from the private sector, and to private companies bidding on federal contracts, we have an in-depth understanding of how to help you navigate the maze, weed out the noise, and connect the dots to successful market entry.

a small business owner shaking hands with a government contract consultant

Navigate the contract lifecycle.

The value we add: We bring insight to the process from the perspectives of both contractor and government buyer.

a healthcare contract consultant working with client to improve government contract protest process

Win more with better opportunity selection.

The value we add: We help you distinguish between true opportunities and those that will waste time and money.

a government contract consultant meeting with a client to discuss federal relations

Receive our support on your terms.

The value we add: We shape consulting and coaching engagements around your organization's specific goals.