About PHA

Potomac Health Associates, Inc. (PHA) was founded in 1992 to provide federal contract consulting services to health care organizations, and to help them negotiate the complex, competitive maze of the federal government. Headquartered less than 30 minutes from Capitol Hill in northern Virginia, PHA is a small business that combines its knowledge of, and experience in a broad range of federal health contracting initiatives, including healthcare for military beneficiaries (e.g., TRICARE), healthcare for veterans (e.g., Patient Centered Community Care (PC3); Veteran’s Choice; Community Care Network, (CCN)) and Medicare beneficiaries. We assist with legislative/policy development and federal contracting to help our clients identify, capture and successfully manage a broad range of business development opportunities in the health industry. Whether new to federal contracting, or an experienced federal contractor, PHA helps client maximize their business opportunities.

If your organization needs help navigating the maze of federal contracting rules and regulations, call us at 703-821-8944 to discuss your questions or area of interest. There’s no cost or obligation…and we’ll bring order to the chaos.