Every day, federal agencies announce contract and competitive bidding opportunities for a broad range of health care goods and services. Many of these present attractive opportunities in all areas of the health care industry. Collectively, they represent billions of dollars annually, yet the vast majority of them will go unnoticed by the private sector.

Public agencies don’t do a good job marketing most of their business opportunities. Buying practices favor experienced government contractors–those who already have contacts and contracts, those who know where to look, and those who understand the procurement process. Information about government contracts tends to be found in sources that simply don’t hit the radar screen of most health care providers in the private sector. With the exception of major, multi-billion dollar initiatives, most federal health care contract opportunities will go unnoticed by the majority of providers who are best qualified to bid on them–until it’s too late.

Contracting with the federal government is a highly specialized activity, with competitive bidding practices dictated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in general as well as agency-specific regulations. Potomac Health Associates, Inc. (PHA) was founded in 1992 to help health care organizations negotiate the competitive maze of the federal government. Principals of the company have been involved in various aspects of federal health care contracting since 1984. Since the firm’s inception, we have helped our clients win more than $4.0 billion in both competitive and non-competitive federal health care and insurance contracts with various agencies of the federal government.

Headquartered less than 30 minutes from Capitol Hill in northern Virginia, PHA is a small business that combines its knowledge and experience in health care, legislative/policy development and federal contracting to help its clients identify, capture and successfully manage a broad range of business development opportunities in the health industry. Whether new to federal contracting or an experienced federal contractor, PHA offers valuable insight to help an organization maximize its opportunities.

Steeped in the details of federal contracting laws and regulations, PHA nevertheless recognizes that successful federal contracting also requires an understanding of informal procurement practices that often come into play. PHA provides valuable guidance based on its knowledge of how the process should work, as well as how it actually works in practice.

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